A perfect solution for community managers

Keep in touch with your community. Engage your followers and analyse trends to stay relevant. You may create your own journals, composed of your sources and interests, so you can follow news from your industry.

Make some emotional analysis

We developed the posts feeling analysis fuction. You may know instantly if the article is rather positive, neutral or negative. It is a good way to have a complete view of your brand's image on the Internet.

Stay connected to Social Networks

Reador can use your timeline and filter posts on it. Currently working on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and Instagram, Reador will soon be able to filter Facebook, Google + and many more.

Follow the news everywhere

Reador works as well on PC, tablets and smartphones, so you may always stay connected to your community.

Made for you and with you

We consider every of your returns and remarks so we can give you a solution as performant as possible. It is always a pleasure to recieve your feedback. It allows us to imagine and create tirelessly new functions. You can already use the sentimental analysis, the Reador Analytics and the LiveFeed


It is a subject we truly love. This high-potential technology enables Reador to understand and analyse every post so that you can know whether it is relevant to you without having to read its title. It also removes every kind of ambiguity from your journals.

Create your own RSS feeds

You may build your RSS feeds from your Reador Journals and then embed them on any RSS manager.


Reador is based on an opensource software. You can download it, edit it, publish your modifications, make pull requests on Github, and so on.