Are you a good Community Manager? No doubt about it! Still, prove yourself

All trophies available

My Little Dinosaur

You gave birth to a new dinosaur by creating an account! One day we'll have enough of them to live with our peaceful friends!

TMZ Intern

Congrats on your first journal! You will have a great career for sure. You even got a brilliant internship, that's a great start!

Communication Student

You shared your first journal! Sharing is caring, as they say. How much do you care for others?


You modified a journal. Quite easy, huh?

Little-Known Bard

You gave your journal a new name! You sure are inspired to give elegant names.

New subscriber

So you subscribed to a journal? Great move! You should check that the postman puts your mail in the right mailbox!

Explorer of modern times

Twitter isn't enough. You are now looking for what's hot on Facebook, Instagram and more!


You displayed the analytics for a journal!

Widget Master

Ha! You couldn't resist to tweek the Reador Widget, the beauty to display your journal on an external website!

Curious child

So you tried to filter your journal using sentiments? Curiosity killed the cat!

Haters gonna hate

Look at all those angry contents on your journal! Beware to not fall into depression. How about you look on the bright side…

Nice sunny day

What a fresh cup of joy to real all the positive contents from your journal! That being said, don't forget about the dark side.

Early Speaker

Congratulations on your first uses of the Live Feed! How long did you successfully use it? 10 minutes?… That's a good start!